Warkworth Medical Centre


K2 Interiors

Services Used

Homogeneous sheet vinyl, safety vinyl, wall clad, conductive sheet vinyl & carpet tiles



Synergy Flooring won K2 Interior’s Warkworth Medical Centre project through an open market tender process. We worked closely with our client to generate a design specification for the project to meet strict medical compliance whilst achieving an easy maintenance and durable floor.

Once the scope was clear, Synergy’s team got to work. During the process, we discovered underlying moisture in a section of the slab. Although existing for about 8 years, the section of concrete holding high moisture was over 1m deep along the outside walls and would likely have compromised the installation. We solved the issue promptly, using the latest technology penetrating moisture barrier and allowed the project to continue; avoiding disruption to the already tight programme.

Our install team completed this job to a superb medical grade finish. All joins in the floor were strategically placed and internal and external corners were welded using the butterfly method. Accessible bathroom floors were leveled to ensure correct water flow and seamless joins were created between the wall clad vinyl and floor vinyl.

As this project ran during December; the pressure increased towards the end to ensure timely delivery to the client. Our team kept up with the high pace and completed specific areas as a priority to allow other trades to deliver on their tasks also. The end result: multiple floor coverings coming together seamlessly and a very impressed client. We were then commissioned to undertake a secondary project in another building.